salt-shakerMy daughter and I went to the store to by salt. She was looking for “sea salt,” and when we found the right aisle, I was astounded by the wide variety of salts. Sea salt comes in coarse ground, finely ground and from different parts of the world (evidently salt tastes differently from different oceans – who knew!?). We found flavored salts, kosher salt, rocky salt and flaky salts, salt with iodine and salt without. In Michigan, we’re thankful for inedible salt that melts ice. Salt comes in different containers, and has different purposes.

Jesus says his followers are the “salt of the earth.” I’ve read that for years, and understood “salt” to be something that enhances flavor, or even preserves food. It certainly is revealing to see so many varieties of salt, and know that while we are “salt,” we can be different, and while we have the same purpose, “being salt,” we have different ways of serving.

I picture myself to be “garlic salt.” Tastes good, but a little goes a long way! Garlic salt is a key ingredient in many recipes, such as my Chex mix, but you sure wouldn’t want to put it in your cookie batter! My sister, Cindy, is more of a “table salt.” Everyone likes her, and she’s delightful liberally sprinkled through her surroundings. She is good at making everything better.

Salt kept in a jar, or a carton, is not useful. To make a difference, salt must be spilt! So no matter what kind of “salt” Jesus calls you to be, uncap the lid, and make a difference!

You are the salt of the earth. ~ Matthew 5:13a


Bejeweled Butterflies

bejewel_butterflyBejeweled Butterflies. If done well, one accumulates tons of points. And virtual badges. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible before the spider nabs a butterfly. He can only get a butterfly when it reaches the top. To play well, watch the whole board and make your moves knowing where all the butterflies are flapping.

If you get sidetracked by what’s going on with one particular butterfly or section of the board, the spider will surprise you by grabbing a butterfly you weren’t watching. The screen goes black and the game is over. The points are gone, time was wasted. The laundry’s not done, the books aren’t read, notes aren’t written. We could end up eating popcorn for dinner.

“Just one more game,” has kept me up late. Strategizing for the butterflies’ escape has provided “escape” from the “spider” of pain, grief, uncertainty. Not a healthy escape, but an escape none-the-less.

The Bejeweled spider snatches much more than virtual butterflies. He steals time, squelches creativity and productivity, and tries to numb feelings. In Bejeweled, there’s no way for the spider to lose. There’s no “win” where the spider dies. Points accumulate until the spider gets his prey. In my game, he loses. He gets deleted off my phone; my i-pad.

I’ll turn in my points and badges and go fix a real dinner.