When Our “Bubble” Popped

Bugfun - not so fun!

Small towns have their advantages. We tend to be insulated from a lot of the problems that happen in urban settings. We feel safe, protected … in a “bubble.” This month our bubble has been “popped” by some tragic accidents … and one not so tragic.

Friday, the 4th, I was in a fender-bender … was turning left to go see my hubby, and needed to wait for traffic to clear. The car behind me stopped, but unfortunately the car behind him did not, smashing him into “Herbie’s” rear end. Ouch! It was the kind of accident that inconveniences you, and everyone says, “it could have been worse,” and you know it could have been. But, generally, it was just a fender-bender.

That day I found out that a young friend lost his wife on Wednesday, when she lost control of her vehicle on icy roads. They had just been married 7 months. Saturday I learned that another young man in our community lost his pregnant wife and three days later their infant daughter in a car accident. Yes, my accident could have been worse.

The question I keep coming back to is: How does that work? A 58-year old, whose children are grown, is in an accident – with only minor car damage, while two young men lose their wives? How does that make sense? I’m not wishing I’d been killed … I just don’t “get it.” The thing that I’ve heard that makes the most sense, is that “in this world, death has free reign … people get sick, people get cancer … accidents happen and people die.” The HOPE is in knowing that Jesus has the final victory over death. It doesn’t make it hurt less.

Tonight I learned that one of my friend’s dad died. He was 83. He went in for heart surgery Monday and never came out of it. Even though we “know” there are risks to surgery, we don’t expect to not come out of it!

Yup, it’s been a hard week. We’ve experienced a lot of “popping” in our bubble.

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