Living a not-Bubble Life

Floating Bubble

I always liked playing with soap bubbles as a kid, and when I was a Sunday school teacher for a group of toddlers, “Bubble Time” was a favorite activity for most of the kids.

Bubbles drift at the whim of the wind – or with the encouragement of an excited breath of air. They’re not very intentional about where they’re going and their “lives” are directed by outside influences.

We’re talking a lot about being purposeful and “missional” in our staff. To really look at people, to see how God is working; to order our lives with margin, so that we can have time and space for the important work of having time for the people God puts in our lives: family, friends and strangers.

One area of challenge for me is “safety.” I like to have my bubble wand right in the bottle! If it’s there, it can’t get used up or spill. If I blow the bubbles, I might have to share them. What if I blow them and someone different than me wants to experience the fun?

My fear reminds me of Betsy, who as a toddler, cried every time the bubbles came out! Betsy was the “bully” of the toddler class. She delighted in pushing her peers onto their diaper-padded bottoms. When we had Bubble Time, the kids would get animated and giggle; Betsy seemed scared of the excitement. She would cry, “No bubbles! No bubbles!” If I bring my bubble wand out, my world changes, and I might have to deal with people reacting in ways I’m not comfortable.

I fight against living a “bubble life.” That would be a life where circumstances direct my days. I want to live a purposeful life … where I’m open to knowing people; to living a generous life; to know Jesus and become like Him.

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