Re-feathering the Nest

A nest is built to be a safe place for the eggs to hatch and for the fledgling little birdies to learn what they  need to know to survive the forces of nature. Our nest was “full” with our two children for the 23 years it took to raise them both and see them off to college and jobs.

This summer, after nine years as empty-nesters, we got to re-feather our nest, when our daughter moved home. She needed a safe place, and we are glad to provide it for her. She, at 27, can seem like a fledgling little bird, needing to learn what it takes to face the world.

I used to say that my definition of success for my kids is that they’re independent and not asking for money. But I’m revising that. I think it was success for our daughter to realize that she was unable to cope with the stresses of living away in a high-pressure job. It’s success to say, “I don’t think I can do this and be happy and healthy.” My new definition is that if my kids love Jesus and enjoy being around their parents, that’ll work. A job … well, that’s a good thing, too!

Soon our “little bird” will embark on a new course of study and a new career. We’re glad we can provide the safe place. We pray for wisdom on knowing when/how to give that gentle nudge that reminds her that she can “fly.”

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