Happy Birthday!

I get a bit reflective at “milestone” times, and so it was on my birthday last week! I feel like, at 58, I’m growing up somewhat. I was hard-pressed to come up with ideas of things I want (Jim and the kids asked me), except for time with them! I’m not mature enough, though, to say it doesn’t matter! I still like the attention and surprises!

This birthday was extra-nice: Emily (whose birthday is the day after mine) is home, so we got to celebrate with her, too. She’d been living in the south for four years, and we’d been doing birthday care-packages! I can remember holding that “little” 9 pound baby for the first time – what a cutie she was … and is! Son, Keith made a point of coming down and celebrating birthdays and Fathers’ Day with us – it’s grand to be together as a family!

Fifty eight isn’t that much of a milestone year, except that it happens the same summer as our 40th high school reunion! I’ve connected with some of the Class of ’71 on Facebook, which makes me look forward to seeing them in person at the reunion in July! THAT milestone is surely worthy of reflection! I can look at “yesterday” (clichĂ© – it seems like yesterday) and see who I was … and who I am now.

In high school, I felt pretty invisible – a wallflower. I had a few friends and had a pretty good adolescence, but thankfully, with age and experiences, have grown in confidence and try to live with intention and purpose as I order my days. That includes being a good wife to my husband of 38 years, and mother to two grown children. It means being a good worker and support to my co-workers. It means knowing Jesus and loving Him. It means always being on the alert for the opportunity to love others and extend grace. Those of you who know me well, know I have a “growing edge” in that department!

… being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.(Philippians 1:6)

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