Stream Team

Our church started video streaming its services a several months ago. I have volunteered in the production room for a short while, and am loving participating in this “infant” ministry. I have no experience and no expertise, yet have felt that this is a spot that God can use my time, talent and energy.

In live streaming, our viewers can watch the service from anywhere in the world (where there’s Internet access). We have potential for reaching thousands of viewers – even hundreds of thousands!

We have a wonderful message to communicate – the Good News of Jesus Christ. We have a gifted messenger – Pastor Mark Van Valin, who brings God’s Word to us each week in a fresh, insightful and meaningful way. Our church is blessed with talented musicians and technicians, who help lead us into worship with excellence.

And now we get to help share all that with the world! Our “Stream Team” faces the same challenges most tech ministries wrestle with: equipment, budget, staffing and training. But, it’s all coming together. It’s encouraging to see the progress that’s been made in such a short time, and we have our eyes on providing the best production possible with the equipment and talent that we have.

On a personal level, being part of the “Stream Team” has provided a place to volunteer – a place I “fit.” I’ve been looking for that for three years! I’m fully aware that I’m joining a staff of “techies” who have more knowledge and more investment into this ministry than I’ll ever have. Thanks Sam, Jim & BJ for including me on the “Stream Team!”

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