God or Gold?

I enjoy playing Scrabble or the on-line version Words With Friends. The other day I was contemplating my choices and I could use “GOD” on a triple word spot and get a slew of points. I almost hit the “send” button, when I noticed that I could score even more points with “GOLD.” I’m pretty competitive and didn’t have to think too hard about letting “GOLD” garner me points!

But I have thought about the times when it’s not a game, and it’s not points. There are times when I let that pesky, seemingly insignificant one-point “L” into my choices, falling short of the GOD life I want to live.

The “L” shows up in a bad attitude or a selfish moment. I’ve caught myself thinking, “Ginny, get the “L” out!” when I’ve been tempted to be mean or short-tempered. It’s a twist on the once popular “WWJD!” The “L” shows up when I try to one-up someone (I’m a little competitive, remember!) and steal their thunder. When I interrupt. When I’m bossy. Maybe I don’t want to share ALL the ways the “L” can show up!

I wee bit regret that I even let “GOLD” get me more points in my game – I could have sacrificed the points knowing “GOD” is better!

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