Mothers’ Day Hats

Great Grandma Kathryn with Kathryn.

This Mothers’ Day weekend, I mostly didn’t wear my “mother hat!” I was with my mom, so I was a daughter. I was with my two sisters, so wore the “sibling hat.” Three of my nieces were able to come, so the “aunt hat” was gladly worn! I’m learning how to wear my newest chapeau, being a great-aunt!

We have a great time together, playing games, sittin’, knittin’ and eatin’! It’s delightful to see what fine women the nieces have become. It’s interesting to hear about jobs, travels, schooling, and what’s important.

Kathryn (6 mo.), our first in the next generation, showed us what a good mommy she has. Amber has a delightful demeanor with her and  it’s easy to see that she genuinely enjoys her little girl. Cindy, my twin sister, Kate’s grandma (Lita!), wears the “grandma” hat with patience, love and grace. Her hat is surely a “fascinator!”

Kate has a way of engaging all adults in the room, though she is not yet speaking! Gina rolled on the floor getting baby giggles. She also had the ever-present camera and composed a special First Christmas song for Kathryn.

Robyn loves being an aunt. Kate benefits from Robyn’s knitting skills, but even more from the love and affection she bestows. I loved watching the two cuddle – they will have a life-time friendship.

Sister Judy got us all laughing with her curiosity about what Eskimos did about diapers and potty training. We are all grateful for Amber & Elliot’s sensible and protective approach in providing Kate with diapers! Judy taught Kathryn to “woo woo woo!” Kate talks and Judy pats her mouth, creating a fun baby “yodel.”

There’s nothing more precious than seeing my mom with this little bundle of blessing! At 86, she can remember the words to “Gently Brays the Donkey” and loves carrying on conversations with her. They seem to understand one another. We shared memories of funny songs my dad used to sing to us. Oh, I miss him!

Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Great-Aunt and Mom – I love that I get to wear all these hats!

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