Aught is a word that can represent the numeral 0. “Aught” also sounds like “ought,” which means “should.” Beginning with October 2012, there are some significant anniversaries ending in AUGHT which OUGHT to be celebrated.

October 2012 marked my 20th anniversary as an employee of the Spring Arbor Free Methodist church. The years have seen many changes in technology, staffing, and even the appearance of the building through re-modeling projects. I’ve lived in five different offices, worn many hats, and where I was once referred to as “Aunt Ginny” by the little ones, “Granny G” seems more generationally correct! I am as excited about my work and serving now as I was 20 years ago. I look forward to many more years serving the Lord through my work at the church. I wonder about keeping up, learning new technology,and if I have what it takes to keep all those details straight! Sue Logeman, dear friend and co-worker, who also celebrated 20 years at SAFMC this year, and I were honored with commemorative boxes and kind words and affirmations.

In June, twin sister, Cindy, and I are jumping into the next decade with reckless abandon! We decided we OUGHT to take a road trip to celebrate turning 60! Our sister, Judy, will join us on a trek from Michigan to Maine, one stop being Brewster House in Freeport ( That reservation ties past and present, as Brewster House is owned by a former high school classmate and his wife. Their postings on Facebook made the choice easy as to where we OUGHT to celebrate this AUGHT!

Another AUGHT that OUGHT to be celebrated is our daughter’s 30th birthday. Through the quirks of time, the memories of that day 30 years ago are so fresh … “She’s so little!” I said. The delivery nurse didn’t share my opinion about our 9 pound 1 ounce Emily. “Little” Emily and brother Keith (then 3 1/2) made our family complete. Emily embraces beauty and has artistic talent that she brings to every endeavor. She’s definitely worth celebrating! This AUGHT OUGHT to be shared with her dear friends of 1054, who all turn 30 in 2013!

I continue to marvel at how a 20 year-old kid (really!) can make a decision on a mate and have it turn into a rich, loving, life-long adventure – filled with the mundane, quirks, moods, joys and sorrows life brings. This year Jim and I celebrate 40 years of marriage! And that is an AUGHT worthy of celebration. I OUGHT to declare the man a “saint,” for all he puts up with! We don’t have a plan yet, but we OUGHT to do something! We’re open to suggestions!


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