Blueberry Pie is Pure Joy!

pieThe “to do” list was growing. The time frame was narrowing. The stress level was increasing. I listened to NPR as I was checking off my list, and a reporter was describing going to the American Culinary Institute to learn how to make pie. The chef was exacting, and she had to re-do her over-worked crust. She commented, “I’m so anxious and stressed about this.” The chef, with wisdom beyond the circumstances, said, “I listen to NPR all the time, and can’t sleep for all the bad stuff going on in the world. Pie is nothing to stress over. Blueberry pie is pure joy!”

I almost cried! My list, suddenly, is nothing to stress over – it’s pure joy! Christmas toffee is pure joy! If it is crumbly, perfectly crunchy or a little dark, it’s pure joy! It’s pure joy that the family can come together to celebrate Christmas! I know it will not always be that way. Death, miles, schedules, weather, cost, or even “sharing” between families will change the way Christmas looks.

What doesn’t change is the JOY of the reason for coming together: Jesus! And so at every Christmastime, we will celebrate His birth with gathering, gifts, toffee, and other trappings that make it “our” Christmas.

I’m thankful for the perspective that “blueberry pie is pure joy!”

And I don’t even like blueberry pie!

2 thoughts on “Blueberry Pie is Pure Joy!

  1. You and your twin are on the same wavelength; she recounted that NPR story to us as we were preparing for Christmas! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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