I Married Superman

superman-logo-012It’s awesome being married to Superman! My guy doesn’t leap over tall buildings or have x-ray vision — in fact I’m sure his vision is fading, because he keeps telling me I’m beautiful.

My hero has laugh lines that make his eyes come alive when we giggle at something that tickles our fancy. The Superman that lives in my house doesn’t have a head full of black hair with a wave. In fact, my Superman does not have much hair at all! He does not own blue tights and red shorts. He is my hero.

He does heroic things, like change my wiper blades, gets up early to shovel the driveway and stops when I want to on long car trips. The Superman I live with does dishes, does his own laundry, and is the kind of guy his son and daughter look up to. My hero will settle for popcorn for dinner, or will eat the same meal all week, and think it’s wonderful. “It just keeps getting better,” he says!

Taking care of his family has been this Superman’s best super-power! He worked hard for many years and got the mortgage paid on our house way before it was due. The thing I hear most about my “Clark Kent,” is that he’s such a good guy … and he is! When I get a goofy idea, he’s my biggest supporter.

Yup, it’s awesome being married to Superman. When the world is spinning out of control, and the other shoe is ready to drop, in my hero’s arms, embraced in his hugs, I’m ok. It’s safe.

What a great life! I married Superman and drive Herbie!

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