A New Decade (for me!)

g60There’s something special about birthdays that end in a zero (or a 5, or any other digit). At 60, I still love marking the milestones, surprises, cards, and silly gifts. A difference between 10 and 60, is that the 10 year-old thinks the gifts are the most important thing, and a 60 year-old knows it’s family and friends. A “zero” year is a good excuse to celebrate and create an experience. With an identical twin sister, it’s doubly fun to anticipate our sister trip to Maine!

It’s also a good time to reflect, and make goals. One of my friends asked me if I do that. I do more reflecting than goal-setting (that’s too much like New Years’ resolutions!). I did think of a couple of goals:

Be the youngest 60 year-old I can be (don’t have “old-lady” opinions, be open-minded about things, and realize that if my opinion is the only one, MOST people would not like it!)

Keep the “ologists” and medications to a minimum

Celebrate everything – everyone needs more joy and whimsy

Be generous – God loves a cheerful giver

Be confident, content, and optimistic about the future

Love God and His people

Reflecting leads me to remembering our wedding day, our kids’ births, some extraordinary moments on the journey. I’m proud of my husband, of our kids. I enjoy remembering moments from my childhood, and the wonderful heritage my parents gave to us (Sometimes I wonder if I grew up in the same household as my sisters, when they recall events that don’t “ring a bell” with me!). I remember my dad, and how he loved my mom. He was such a good husband and dad – you didn’t want to let him down. I still don’t.  I want to care for my mom in a way that makes him proud!

Yup, birthdays that end in a zero are pretty special! I know the next one will be here before I’m ready!

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