The Real Thing

The other day saw this picture on a friend’s Facebook timeline. At first, I just took it as hilarious, “Produced by the Happy Workers at the Coca-Cola Bottlers…” But later I began to think about that in context with my job. Coca-Cola has long touted itself as “the real thing.” I’m not sure what they’re referring to, but I know, as a Christian, and working at a great Bible-believing. Jesus-loving church, that I work for THE real Thing! While I get my pay check from the church, all of us are called to work for THE real Thing! To love God, and love others. No matter where you are. 

The tag line has helped my attitude. When I am faced with a task that’s not my favorite, I say to myself, “This is done by a Happy Worker at the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church!”  Or, “These groceries are being hauled into the house by a Happy Worker at the Hannen house!” I wonder if the “Happy Workers” at the Coca-Cola factory in the Philippines are really happy. I hope they are well cared for and in a place they can enjoy as much as I do mine. I pray they know the JOY of knowing Jesus (which is SO much better than superficial happiness – but that’s another blog!). 


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