It’s Been One Year …

hunter girls

One year ago we said “Goodbye” to our mom. She was a sweet lady who faced whatever life threw at her with grace and grit. She navigated being a widow for ten years after losing the love of her life in 2006. While it’s something she never really wanted to do, she learned to lean on her three girls, especially when cancer made it’s appearance in 2014. I appreciate the memory of her spunk and positive attitude. She was genuinely interested in the lives of the people around her.

It’s not always easy to navigate the needs of elderly parents, and my sisters were great at offering respite, support, and encouragement. I’m so grateful for them! As this anniversary of her passing approached, memories of how they (and their families) showed love to my mom and to me have come to mind! Our parents would be proud!

They’d also like it that we have a “sister trip” planned for this summer. It’ll be time to reminisce, to be silly together, and time to look forward to what life has in store. We know from our mom how to face whatever it is with spunk and grit!

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