This I Know


What I know.
Jesus loves me. This I know.
Jesus loved my mom, too. Enough to give her every opportunity to know Him. She was on death’s door in the summer of 2014, and God allowed her to bounce back and live 2 1/2 more years in a place where she could not escape hearing about Jesus and His love for her. 
Through that time I could see God wooing her. Through circumstances, through people who loved on her. She was strong, and mighty independent, and not very easy talk to about God. 
My sweet mom passed away a few months ago. Even in those unconscious last days, I am convinced that God was giving her every opportunity to know Him. Every distraction was stripped away. Every defense or pretense that she could do this “on her own” was gone. Like the “thief on the cross,” she was given a chance to cry out to Jesus, “I believe.”
What I don’t know.
What did my mom do?
What I know.

In the hard place of doubt, in the hard place of grief, in the hard place of evaluating did I do enough, say enough, love enough, what I know to be true is true. Jesus loves me. This I know. 


salt-shakerMy daughter and I went to the store to by salt. She was looking for “sea salt,” and when we found the right aisle, I was astounded by the wide variety of salts. Sea salt comes in coarse ground, finely ground and from different parts of the world (evidently salt tastes differently from different oceans – who knew!?). We found flavored salts, kosher salt, rocky salt and flaky salts, salt with iodine and salt without. In Michigan, we’re thankful for inedible salt that melts ice. Salt comes in different containers, and has different purposes.

Jesus says his followers are the “salt of the earth.” I’ve read that for years, and understood “salt” to be something that enhances flavor, or even preserves food. It certainly is revealing to see so many varieties of salt, and know that while we are “salt,” we can be different, and while we have the same purpose, “being salt,” we have different ways of serving.

I picture myself to be “garlic salt.” Tastes good, but a little goes a long way! Garlic salt is a key ingredient in many recipes, such as my Chex mix, but you sure wouldn’t want to put it in your cookie batter! My sister, Cindy, is more of a “table salt.” Everyone likes her, and she’s delightful liberally sprinkled through her surroundings. She is good at making everything better.

Salt kept in a jar, or a carton, is not useful. To make a difference, salt must be spilt! So no matter what kind of “salt” Jesus calls you to be, uncap the lid, and make a difference!

You are the salt of the earth. ~ Matthew 5:13a